Carnivore Challenge

If you would like to schedule a challenge call Big Pie in the Sky at 770-420-8883. Typically they are scheduled at 3:30 and 8:30 Monday – Thursday to avoid peak times. (Exceptions on day and time can be made for special circumstances.. Please speak to a manager or use our contact form and we will do our best to work with you!)

Two People, an 11 lb. Carnivore Pizza…
One hour to eat it all!
$60 to try…$120 cash if you win!!!

The Rules of the Challenge.

1. You must eat the entire pizza in under one hour.

2. You cannot throw up, and if you do, you are responsible for any necessary cleanup! If you are going to throw up, do it outside, or make it to the bathroom. No one is going to clean up your personal mess nor should you expect them too so use common sense. If you feel like you are going to throw up stop eating and handle it! No one in the dining room wants to see that while they are eating…

3. You cannot leave the table once you start the time, you can stand up and let your food settle, but you cannot leave the general vicinity. Use the bathroom before you start.

4. If we catch you violating the rules you will be immediately disqualified. The rules are very firm and we do enforce them!

We have had 20 teams beat the Challenge to date!

Big Pie Congratulates the first winners of the Carnivore Challenge!
Erik Unger and Anthony Reganato of Birmingham, Alabama. Erik and Anthony have won the cash prize and bragging rights as the first winners of the Carnivore Challenge! They still hold the time record of 33 minutes as well… WOW!

Paul Barlow and Hal (last name not available) are our latest winners. Paul and Hal failed at their first attempt, but came back the next night for an easy win in under 45 minutes!

Anthony Busch and Eston Ingram – 2/23/14

Brent Harrison and John Spadafora – 6/20/13

Suzzane French and Billy Streck – 10/12/09

We need more pics!!! If you are one of the lucky few that has beaten the Challenge we would love your pics! Please send them to us so we can immortalize you!!